Fall Term 2015



It is the responsibility of the student to assign credits to the correct course. All assignment of credits must be completed by 11:59 pm on the last day of lectures. There is no re-assignment of credits after the last day of lectures. If you fail to assign (or re-assign) credits appropriately by the end of day on the last day of lectures they will be forfeited.


Sona will open for participants
Monday, September 14th
at 8:30 am

Some students have experienced difficulty when opening Sona when they are using Chrome. If you have problems please switch to Internet Explorer.


Still have a question?

Remember, if you have a question the FAQ page has answers to many commonly asked questions.

Also, further information on how to login to Sona AND sign up for studies on Sona can be found on the REG website.



Study Approval Requests:

Study approval requests will begin Wednesday, September 23rd at 8:30 am. Please do not send in a duplicate. I will get to your approval as soon as I can. If you have not received approval (or received feedback) within 36 hours then please send me an email or submit a new request.

You may send study approval requests in prior to September 23rd and I will "review" them and offer feedback if necessary. This is NOT granting approval but providing comments about necessary changes needed before the approval date.


Please make sure that only those Researchers and RAs that are associated with your studies appear on your list of Researchers. Everyone that is listed will receive daily email updates and if you have included someone that is not on the project or as left the project they will be receiving unnecessary emails.

If you know of RAs that is no longer working as an RA (ie - have graduated) then please let me know.

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